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             We humbly and respectfully invite you, our ever esteemed guests on this auspicious occasion to enter the world of Abhushan Mandap Services and celebrate the stunning decorative service that we can offer your special day. This is a place where the awe and inspiration of exquisite weddings is brought together to ensure that you and your guests experience a breathtakingly beautiful environment on your wedding day.

              From the simple to the elaborate, from the traditional to the sublimely modern, from the intimate to the congregational… and everything in between; getting the balance of your wedding theme just right is what we at Abhushan Mandap Service are experts in. We find, design and create stunning wedding decorative solutions that custom fit your wedding and its theme perfectly. You can be sure that all the intricate details that combine to make your wedding visually attractive will be thoughtfully and thoroughly considered by us and our imaginative team of decor specialists,

              At Abhushan Mandap Service we cover all types of wedding decorations.you name it and we have the designs and concept to suit your stage, your tables and even the foyer. As decoration specialists we offer a range of stunning decorative solutions for mandaps/Pandaals which can be tailored with your own themes to set the perfect atmosphere for what is the focal point of your wedding ceremony.